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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has said that both Cairo and Ethiopia should reconcile their interests to avoid undermining each other’s welfare and progress.Sisi told Ethiopian state television on Tuesday that without harming Egypt’s welfare, Ethiopia has the right to pursue its ambition provided his own people’s right to the Nile water is not threatened.
“Through dialogue and cooperation, we can achieve our interests without harming each others,” Sisi reiterated.
“We can work on optimizing benefits from the Nile water and achieving the mutual benefits of Egypt and Ethiopia as well as those of the African people,” he said.
According to Sisi, there is a political will for cooperation and reaffirmed that Cairo and Addis Ababa are on a new phase of relations.
“We are seeking to dispel doubts and overcome concerns over the Nile water,” said Sisi who was in Ethiopia last week to seal a deal over the use of the Nile.
Egypt had vehemently opposed the building of Ethiopia’s so-called Grand Renaissance Dam on the River Nile, over fears that its citizens will lose their share of its waters.
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